Heading the wrong way
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Will he reach the branch in time?

Heading the wrong way

Vetri had asked him to keep driving, always taking the roads branching to the left and he would arrive at the State Bank of India's Lucas Circle branch in about 15 minutes.

But Thiru had already driven for more than 20 minutes but he hadn't seen the said bank's branch. In fact, it seemed his drive was taking him outside of the city limits.

Being new to the city, Thiru did not have any sense of direction yet.

Thiru inserted his hand into his shirt pocket to fetch the mobile phone and found that it was missing. He hurriedly patted on all pockets of his shirt and jeans only to realize that he had left it at home.

He was getting worried as had only 45 minutes to get to the bank to withdraw the money that he had to pay back to Vetri.

What a helpful friend Vetri was! Last month, when Thiru had to pay some money as advance to the land he wanted to buy, he didn't have enough balance in his bank account. Vetri lent him the money but requested Thiru to pay it back surely within a month, as he needed it to take care of some urgent affair.

Thiru was totally confused about the directions. He got out of the car. There was hardly any traffic. Momentarily a lorry approached carrying what seemed like branches cut from a large tree.

When Thiru waved at the lorry, the driver was kind enough to stop.

Thiru asked the lorry driver for directions for the bank and he said it was exactly in the opposite direction.

When Vetri had said the bank was to the east of his location, Thiru had incorrectly assumed he had to go left on the road instead of going right. This was a usual mistake that Thiru made.

Many of his friends from his branch of study at college frequently made fun of him for his lack of sense of direction.

The lorry driver comforted Thiru saying that the bank was not too far and he should make it in time, given the light traffic at the moment.

Thiru breathed a sigh of relief when he finally reached the bank in time.

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