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Guns or no guns?

Gun sense

Common sense implies that when one can access a thing, they can do something with it. Of course then, if they don't have access to it, they cannot do anything with it.

For example, when a candy is in front of someone, they can eat it. So experts say it's better not to have candies at home lest we should binge on them. That makes sense, doesn't it?

Sometimes senseless gun violence occurs in the US. If we should apply the previous logic, it's reasonable to assume that when guns are not easily accessible, gun violence will be rare.

But the picture gets murky because guns establish a level playing field between a muscular person and a weaker person. The weaker person has the ability to protect themselves through a gun, and so the stronger person will not attempt to harm them.

Also, in rural places people feel safe when they have guns, and are able to use them to protect themselves from intruders.

So, let's conclude that guns are needed in certain circumstances. But what type of guns? AK-47s? Does it make sense to allow ordinary citizens to own machine guns and such?

To me, it doesn't.

Guns maybe necessary for self-defense but is an individual going to protect themselves from a mob by firing indiscriminately at them using a machine gun? In that case what happens when the mob owns a bunch of AK-47s? Mayhem?

Sensible laws are important to prevent guns from landing in the hands of criminals. There must be laws that restrict more lethal weapons as well.

On another note, if studies are done to determine the usefulness of guns in self defense and other legitimate purposes, we may be able to categorically figure out whether guns serve the society or cause detriment to it.

So, all my previous statements, as well as any contrary opinions from any number of folks must be tested with extensive data.

The political class must recruit experts to analyze the data and figure out how to make the society safer. There will be progress if Left and Right lend their ears to reason instead of communicating just within their echo chambers with nonsensical memes.

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