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rainynights nothing unusual.
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Its alright.

placebo roses

Half of this city turning their lights on,

Like half of this city has an idea.

But I have no clue what you're to me,

At night, I lay deeply in the thoughts of us.

The stars in the night sky, the distance between them,

You and I, are we just substance with no effects, are we placebo?

If you were free where would you go?

Would you come inside my mind and tell me,

Something sincere, something with meaning.

Please tell me something that makes me warm inside.

My heart is a fool, a fool for holding you tightly.

Like a child's blanket nothing could separate my affection.

When my heart beats my legs weaknesses, I dance so poorly when I think of you.

You and me we're like elevators filled up with strangers,

No sound, completely silent and eyes going around.

I want someone to grow with, but i'ts hard when you grew inside.

I can complain about your thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses, roses that forms you.

Someday I will love someone else and that's alright,

But at the same time it makes my heart fall apart.

Sometimes we can't get the things we want.

But sometimes the things we want can't hear us.

So I whisper at night that you're the most promising source of pain,

Even if you make it rain in my room,

You gave me so much, so much to make me bloom.

A beautiful flower, with all the tears I shed, it showered my spirit.

You're the rose I held, and I fell in love with your flowers.

But I bleed out because of your thorns.

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