I found you, And I love you
I found you, And I love you  lo ve stories
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rainynights nothing unusual.
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I just felt like writing something for my girlfriend. Life is confusing for me, but she makes everything fine. I just want to express my love. Someday I hope I can show her this.

I found you, And I love you

I'm just a lost soul in this universe

With small dreams and fantasies

I've never seen the big horizons

Never travelled far across the seas

I just lay each night and kiss the stars Goodnight

Wishing I could see myself with bigger eyes

To feel that I have a purpose, a reason to survive

I don't need God or money for my faith

I just need to know if there is more out there than my fate

With your love I realized what I can wake up to experience

So, please hold my hand and just show me

Show me something real, tell me what you feel

When you dare to open up and try to be deep

Vulnerable and frighten of what may be

Naked with your skin as your only feat

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see

Close your eyes and tell me what you hear

Let your heart be free and love me for eternity

Kiss me and let me feel the power inside

Our bodies shall intertwine and our souls will never have to hide

I just want my home to be just where you're

So, so stay with me and grow old with me

When your freckles lie on wrinkled cheeks

You will still mean so much to me

When your smile follows with your tired eyes

You will still make everything feel worthwhile

Each day with you by my side I will shine

Shine just as bright as your hair

And your sweet laughter will linger in the air

I will hold you tight and see you grow

Like the trees outside, no matter the winds

Our roots will hold us, with each other in our minds

I love you so

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