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rainynights nothing unusual.
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A text about brothers


You're growing up way too fast little brother

A small boy with big shoes

Your only wish was for us to always be together

But eventually you will learn to patch your own bruises

But the pressure is too big little brother

Must grow in your own pace little brother

Dreaming yourself away, your thoughts shine away

I think of you my little brother

Awakening to our situation love is in religion

It's you and me and no other

And when everyone drops off, make no demands because you are all I have

One day we will travel around the world

The question is only when

You know I'm supporting you my brother

As soon as we're there

Of course, I always see you from afar

You are my center, getting stuck for hours every time

The station is our boy's room

When dad threw that bottle of wine

When I held your shaking arm

I promised you one day you'll shine

One day no one will do you harm

One day there will be only you and me, little brother.

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