Galaxy Lies
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Charago Billows, aspiring Stellar Explorer for the Europthian Government, will suddenly find her life tipped upside down when she discovers one of the government's biggest secrets.....

Galaxy Lies

Created and Composed by The Enchantress of October 13

My feet pound against the dusty red ground. I feel my breath hit my face as it ricochets from my helmet. I'm tempted to take it off.

What would happen if I did? I've heard the myths, of course..... I'm so wrapped up in my thoughts I don't notice the large crater in front of me.

My space boot hits the brim and I trip, my face slamming into the hard powdery ground. In a moment, my helmet is off.

I watch it fly through the air with my mouth wide open and my body crumpled against the crater floor. Ouch. I'm winded, and worse of all, my helmet is 2 metres away.

I have no expectations as I began to breathe for the first time, completely unsupported.

Why am I not dying? I'm confused; all my life I have been taught to never take my helmet off. But....why? I can breathe perfectly well without it.

Everything slowly focuses, like I've been only looking at a blurred version of Europthia before now. But - why have the government been lying to us?

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