Ragada Ravine

Ragada Ravine
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In a magical land accessed only by an elusive portal, two close friends endure a misunderstanding and several unpleasantly long bouts of laughing at the edge of Ragada Ravine.

Ragada Ravine

Created and Composed by The Enchantress of October 13

I'm breathless.

I'm breathless sprinting over the multi-coloured patches of patterned fabric, a large quilted blanket that propels me a couple of inches high into the air every time my feet touch it; it's sewn into one large piece of material for the ground but you can still see the depressed seams.

I'm breathless reaching the end of the quilt and paused for a millisecond, eyeing up the spray the bubbly magenta water makes as it reaches the bottom of the ravine in front of me.

Ragada Ravine. I take a deep breath. The rickety bridge in front of me is one of the most precarious things I've ever seen and suddenly I'm not breathless, I'm frightened.

I'm frightened of the way I can't see the bottom of the ravine. I'm frightened of the way this bridge sways gently in the wind.

"Are you coming or not?" Leylin bobs into my sight, grinning from ear to ear and giggling.

Her rosy brown skin is heavily freckled, the clumps and clusters covering her shoulders, her face with the exception of her chin and ears, her back and the tops of her limbs.

She's wearing a faded, black ADCD t-shirt with a discarded pale blue denim jacket tied around her waist and milky white tights decorated in roses.

I watch Leylin twirl around perilously close to the edge, her long ruffled violet skirt flying out in the wind. She seems to be completely unaffected by the fact she's so close to the edge.

Despite their weight, her tall brown lace-up boots appear to be barely touching the ground. "I-I" I can't speak, apparently. She's stopped twirling now.

Leylin stands, head tilted, hand on hip, squinting at me. "Mara? Are you okay?" Mara is Leylin's native word for best friend. Her voice is as smooth as treacle, glossing over my concerns.

"No, I-I-I don't wanna go over that bridge!" I'm glad I've got that out. Very glad.

Leylin stares at me for a second before breaking into laughter, clutching her side and almost collapsing onto the soft ground.

"You-you!" my best friend manages to say before breaking into yet more peals of laughter. I'm quite offended. As my mara she should understand me, not laugh at me.

Eventually, she stops laughing and looks at me, her eyebrows creased and her smile effortless.

"Ragada Bridge," Leylin says, "Has not been crossed for ALEPH upon ALEPH, okay? I'm not clinically insane, ja?" At that, I bite my lip and raise an eyebrow. Inside, I'm flooded with relief though.

"And aleph means..." "Lots of time." I sigh, and then chuckle inwardly. Thank goodness.

"Well, come on then!" Leylin's words jolt me out of my thoughts and concentrate me back on the few planks of wood serving as a bridge in front of me.

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