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The love of the separated chimes deeper then the Church of the lands. The love of the separated is thicker than the fog of the sweating, throbbing jungle and heavier then the knowledge of a thousand books.


Created and Composed by The Enchantress of October 13

Addressed To Eminia Jenkins of The Limscourt City Library, Upper Limscourt, From The Quarters of Gabriel Barrows, The Coben Diamond Mines, Northen Kearney Rainforest.

My Dearest Eminia, You are more than a lover, my Eminia; YOU are every word to me, my all, my every. I regret to inform you I am not at all coping without the heavenly, ethereal moments snatched with you. Our limerence is hung cruelly in front of me, whilst I am forced to move wildly, madly, to reclaim it. ARE you well, wherever Fate may of bid you to be?

Here, IN the sweating rainforest, I labour tirelessly - but fear not, my eternally beautiful damsel, for hope may drive me through the hatefully long days and nights with thoughts of you and prayers of your wellbeing. I do hope DANGER is not stalking you, as it is me, for before long I yearn to be with you, my love, again.

All the love and a bucketful more, Yours eternally, Gabriel Barrows

Addressed to Gabrial Barrows of The Coben Diamond Mines, Northen Kearney Rainforests, Sent From Eminia Jenkins of The Limscourt City Library, Upper Limscourt.

Dearest Gabriel, I sympathize utterly with your unwanted affections and preenings. The very least I can do is quell your concerns that I am in danger, for there is NO trouble in Upper Limscourt. The Chief Librarian is an absolute VILLAINS, but he sounds like nothing compared to Coben Diamond Mines. Your pathetic simperings are to no avail, and I think you will find I am quite happy HERE.

May safety be eternally by your side, Eminia Jenkins P.S. I am sick to the bone of discussing matters in code. I also utterly despise pretending to not return your affections, my darling Gabrial, and know I wish to be with you wherever you are.

The only reason I am not taking your advice and analysing suspicious characters is because I know from the tip of my tongue to the sunken depths of my heart nobody here knows of my identity. I send this with love so deep it chimes with the bells of the Church.

Oh, how I wish to be able to use my true name again! I am yours forever, my darling.

Sunday 18th August Dear Mister Gabrial Barrows of The Coben Diamond Mines, We regret to inform you Miss Eminia Leylin Samma Jenkins was found dead in her private rooms on Thursday 3rd August. The weapon of murder is as yet unknown and the identity of the murderer alike.

Here at Carter and Miller Detective Services, we believe it is murder purely because of the business card, if you like, placed upon the departed woman's forearm.

This card has been spotted at the sites of many other murders over the last aleph or so. Yours Sincerely,

Carter and Miller Detective Services P.S. We know where you are, Mister Barrows. We are coming for you.

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