A Petition!
A Petition! war stories

rainy_days this account is dead, new account
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The pacifists to the rescue!

*shoves flowers in barrel guns*

A Petition!

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! <3 Also ak909 if you're reading this please don't go!

War has erupted over the peaceful lands of Commaful. The two sides, the Memes and the Poems, are on their way to battle, a battle that looks like it could slay thousands. What can we do to stop?

Oh, I know. A petition! Where every like is a signature....and every comment is two! If we can get to 100 signature in 5 hours....

then the war is over? Then, people can accept some things make some people smile and other things make other people smile and Commaful is for sharing ALL of those.

Please like, and comment as many times as possible. THANK YOU!

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