====================== Sit On My Wyng ====================== II ----

             Sit On My Wyng
                          ---- fiction stories

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====================== Sit On My Wyng ====================== II ----

ALANA BEATRICE RUIND grabbed Jaikob by the scruff of his neck and began tugging him towards the fence.

He yelled and protested and tried to shake her off but to no avail - it seemed, he thought bitterly, this was his destiny. To die in the shed.

The 12 year-old began to sob, desperately pleading his kidnapper to let him go between gasps of breath. "Please Alana! What have I done?" Jaikob wailed.

He tried to make his dirty sneakers dig into the soil but it just made her pull harder.

She seemed to be making no effort to silence him - stupid, Jaikob thought. Curtis could hear her screaming.

After being dragged over half of his back garden, which was a big one in comparison to any other, Jaikob felt Alana stop then crouch down to meet his eyes. "Jaikob Wyng. Curtis is........"

she looks around for inspiration. "Not healthy for you, okay?"

Jaikob frowns. "What are you saying, Trissy?"


"Alan-a! He's my brother."

The witch frowns. "But Jaikob, he's not good for you!"

Jaikob snorts and crosses his arms. He stares straight into her nutty brown eyes with violet ones of his own.

She stares at him back, before breaking the silence with, "Listen to me, Jaikob.I KNOW how this works. Jaikob I was you!"

Jaikob gives her a skeptical look.

"I was Curtis's girlfriend."

"You still are, right?"

"He hurt me Jaikob. " Alana looks at the ground.

Jaikob frowns. "But Curtis...Curtis wouldn't do that!!"


Jaikob began to cry slowly. He lowered his shaggy head of coal black hair and let his long, limp arms hang by his side.

Alana frowned. "Jaikob....I won't let him hurt you."

The 12 year-old bunches up in his emerald green hoodie and sniffed.

"I'm just trying to protect you! Jaikob Wyng...I think you're special."

The boy looks up. "Then why did you drag me out....."

"Jaikob, we need to go."


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