Tiny Tales: The Haze and Teddy Days Part One Story & First image By Simone @RainShineIWrite
Tiny Tales: The Haze and Teddy Days Part One
Story & First image 
                      By Simone @RainShineIWrite rainshineiwrite stories

rainshineiwrite I am reader & writer of the imaginary
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Short stories about Animal friends Stanly and Cho in our new human. world that I like to publish in a tiny book some day

Tiny Tales: The Haze and Teddy Days Part One Story & First image By Simone @RainShineIWrite

The autumn leaves are falling as I peak outside my cabin, my friend Cho should be by any second now, with his human. Did you want to wait with me?

"My name is Stanley by the way and I am so pleased to meet you"

"Ohh here he comes now." Pitter patter, pitter, patter moving quickly with a scrap as he tries to grip his nails into the floor board trying to miss crashing straight into wall.

He smiles at me, tongue and tale wagging with excitement as his human Levi throws him his purple and blue glittering ball.

"You almost ready to go boy?" He drops his ball right in front of me, in my comfy corner. "You coming with us?" Cho asks touching his nose to mine. "Where are we going? I ask.

"We going walking to find the teddies" Cho tells me. This very exciting." The world has changed a little but don't worry it's only for a little while, to keep you and our humans healthy and safe.

See there is a grey haze in air and the earths elements are trying their very best to help the humans clear that air and humans are doing their best to follow the helpful steps to live life with this haze.

It means our humans can only go out for very small amounts of time and walking is one of Cho and our humans favourite things to do.

I am most certainly coming with you my friend." I say crinkling my nose and sniffing a little nudging his ball towards him. He turns almost winking and wagging in satisfaction at Levi and I.

Keylee have you seen the keys?" Asks Levi Keylee's my human, she found me stuck in my barrow and let me free I haven't left her since.

Here they are." She tells him dangling the keys in front of him playfully and smiling at him. Cho ready and now waiting with his leash dangling from his mouth. "Good boy he says placing it around Cho.

I scuttle behind them as they move towards the door. The sun is setting the night is nearly here this makes the haze thin out and colour fills the sky as Keylee puts the light lamp on to greet us when we get home.

Chapter two coming soon everyone hope you all enjoy

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