rainy day: a short pov
rainy day: a short pov rainyday stories

raine beginner aspiring poet & author (:
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a soft, sweet and simple pov to boost your serotonin a bit :)

rainy day: a short pov

It was 7 in the morning, you slowly wake up and hear the quiet trickling of rain outside the window on the balcony.

You look to your right and see your s/o peacefully sleeping with their back towards you, soft breathing and snores from their lips.

You get up carefully to not wake your s/o, you move the curtains to reveal the grey sky outside.

As you are at the glass sliding door admiring the water droplets dripping off the flowers outside, you feel a warm pair of arms wrap around your waist and pull you in tight,

your s/o had just woken up and they rest their head on your shoulder and give you a gentle kiss on your cheek.

As you two stand in each others embrace, your s/o says in their morning voice, "love, can you call off sick from work today?", "mhm" you respond back, sleepily.

You and your s/o climb back into bed and they pull you into their chest and wrap a blanket around you both.

You quickly fall back asleep as you cuddle into their chest while they play with your hair, thinking about how much they love and adore you.

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