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raincascade You Make Beautiful Things
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They asked me what I looked like underneath my dress...

Where are you?

by: raincascade

You invited me to go to the fair rides with your friends.

I thought your friends were cute. But I knew they would never like their friend's little sister.

So I dressed nice.

You never invited me to do things with you and your friends, so I was surprised and so excited.

We met your friends late at night by the Ferris wheel.

They slipped you a little bag and then you left saying you were going to buy cotton candy.

They told me I looked pretty.

They told me they liked my dress.

They asked me what I looked like underneath my dress.

They grabbed my shoulders and tugged at the dress. I told them to stop.

Where did you go brother?

They pulled me to the backside of the Ferris wheel where no one goes.

They grabbed my wrist. They grabbed my neck. They grabbed my waist. They grabbed my thigh. They grabbed my...

Where did you go brother? Why did you leave me here?

I told them you'd come back and be very mad. They said you got what you wanted.

And now they had what they wanted.

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