We Were Best Friends
We Were Best Friends kissing stories

raincascade You Make Beautiful Things
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We Were Best Friends

by: raincascade

We were best friends

That's how all these type of stories start

Then I started to notice the way you put chap stick on

And how you always played the music you knew I loved when I got in your car

That was all the prologue

Then in chapter one you held my hand

And you made it clear that it wasn't just as friends.

Chapter two and three were great

Magical even

Then somewhere between chapter four and five I started to notice the way you chewed your gum obnoxiously

And you stopped caring about giving me a kiss goodnight

Our climatic moment was when you told me you always hated my favorite gray sweater

And I refused to let it go

But it was never really about the sweater

Somewhere along the lines you stopped answering my calls

And I began staying out later with my girlfriends

Then you told me about her

She had even fingernails and didn't snort when she laughed

And just like that we were no longer lovers

Not even friends

But the story doesn't end there

It just stops between you and I

I'd like this to stay a love story though

So I'll let you be the one to finish it

That way it can still end in love

And not in tragedy

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