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They have no sense of direction to their true home...

Save this City

By: raincascade

Down the streets of Yellowstone Ave

Around the corner of the Bru House coffee

And in between the Library and Business building on campus

Crawls a creature of darkness

It's in the eyes of the students,

It's in the voice of the working men and women

And in the future steps of children

This city is lost

Although people have a direction to work, to school, to their house

They have no sense of direction to their true home

They are stuck wandering in circles, never leaving the city limits, and constantly questioning "what's next?"

But we have a dream for this city

We moved here not knowing a soul, not promised a stable job or home,

But with the hope to start a light that can reflect across building to building,

From hill to hill,

Through every college student from the city, from out of state, from out of the country,

So that this light that started with our small decision,

Can reach the nations


Father, Save this City

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