First Impressions
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raincascade You Make Beautiful Things
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This is an exert from a book that I have yet to write.

First Impressions

by: raincascade

My vision is blocked by a sleek sapphire blue.

I tilt my chin up to see a name tag that reads ‘Asher’ and a collar neatly folded down on the shirt.

Asher glares down on me with eyes like tiny, green upside down sailboats calling me to sea.

His hair flips carelessly off his face and his lips are the perfect shade of pink as if they’d been painted on.

He stood before me tall and slender with a completely symmetrical face

except for the single crooked tooth that appeared when he opened his mouth for what I thought would be a welcoming smile,

“You’re new here right?" he says. "Well listen, just because we work together doesn’t mean I have to like you, so get the Hell out of my way.”

I knew then that I’d hate him till the day I die.

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