Fantasy to Reality
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raincascade You Make Beautiful Things
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"He showed her what it was like to live as a character in a book"

Fantasy to Reality

by: raincascade

"Maybe you should try getting your nose out of a book," was the first thing he said.

"You live in sunny San Diego for crying out loud and you're as white as these pages!"

He showed her what it was like to live as a character in a book,

rather than watch someone else live as a character in a book.

He showed her how to change the chapter,

end a sentence,

and start a new one.

And one morning when he slipped out of the sheets,

she turned to see him throwing on a jacket

and he said, "You sleep in hun, I'm going to drive to the library to grab you a book."

She thanked him with a smile to which he returned.

"It's been a while since you read a book other than your own,"

was the last thing he said.

The absence of returned phone calls was enough to end her fantasy book living.

She moved to the reality genre and started her own.

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