Dating an Introvert
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raincascade You Make Beautiful Things
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At the end of the day, I choose to love you...

Dating an Introvert

By: raincascade

You were so quiet

And I thought that was sweet

Until we grew deeper and you still talk so little

When you ask how my day is I tell you in detail

And when I ask you the same, you say, "Good."

When I have a bad day I come to you crying and seek your comfort

But when you have a bad day you shut me out and are completely speechless

Please say something!

Please say something! Tell me what goes on in your head!

But despite your silence, you listen like no one else ever could

And you appreciate my writing, because you love to read

And you hold me when I am sad, and comfort me by pointing me to Jesus

And every so often, you open up and tell me how you feel and what you think

And the rarety makes it that much more precious.

So I may have fallen in love with you,

But at the end of the day, I choose to love you.

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