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Chaotic coffee date. What could go wrong? Dedicated to Frappuccino. @septiccat will get it

Embers 3

[Early Saturday morning, a week after the roof]

I went to town to get a few errands done. It was pretty early, so no one else was awake.

I went to Oren Cafe to get a coffee before I started.

A bell rang as I stepped into the cafe. I ordered a large black iced coffee. It was boring, but that's how I liked it.

It was crowded in there, so I was forced to sit across from a guy looking at his phone. The guy looked up.

"What the actual fuck, candy cane!? I'm seriously convinced You're stalking me now!"

Ah. I should've known I'd run into Bakugo. I was really hoping it'd be a quiet morning. But it was nice to see him anyway.

[a/n Look at that face tho] His spiky hair was sticking out from the hood of his sweatshirt and he was wearing that forever-pissed look on his face he was so known for. God, he was cute.

I looked at his hoodie, "Aren't you hot in that?" I asked, ignoring his stalker comment. Bakugo glared, "I guess, but I just threw it on because I was in a hurry."

Impulsively, I reached over with my right hand and pressed it against Bakugo's chest, activating my quirk.

"!?" "What?" I asked, pulling back my hand a little. "I'm just cooling you off."

"I know that!! But these damn extras don't! They'll think we're dating or something!" Bakugo protested, smacking my hand away.

I let my mind wander a bit. Bakugo and me on a coffee date...I suppose I could see it. I could imagine us sitting close together, sipping coffee--

"Yo! Half-n-half! Are you ignoring me!?"

I was suddenly pulled back into reality, "My bad. I won't do it again."

I could see Bakugo was pissed but he held his tongue and rolled his eyes, which I thought a little unnecessary.

A waiter with greasy hair who looked like he hadn't had a good shower in 10 years set down our coffees.

He then looked at Bakugo, gave him a conceited smile, and rubbed his thumb and forefingers together.

Bakugo glared at him, "Eh? You want a tip? Here's a tip: take a bath, you greedy bastard!" I kicked Bakugo under the table.

The waiter made a sour face, "Right when you lose your attitude, you blond little punk." Well, he was going to die.

"Punk? PUNK!? I'll beat your ass!!" Bakugo rose out of his chair and activated an explosion at the table.

All hell broke loose.

Men and women scrambled to get out of their chairs, yelling and screaming. People everywhere were running all over the cafe.

I'm guessing everyone thought Bakugo was a villain. Or at the very least a psychopath. Which, at this point, wasn't too far from the reality.

I quickly put some money on my seat, grabbed Bakugo's wrist, and bolted out of the cafe. Bakugo, of course, fought the whole way and screamed like an overgrown toddler.

I remembered the daydream I had not two minutes ago. We were more likely to get arrested than go on a romantic coffee date.

--Time skip to running through the streets, brought to you by Todoroki being a mood--

I ran, dragging Bakugo with me by the wrist. Even though I was freaking out, this was kind of fun. If only Bakugo would quit screaming at me.

"You goddamn motherfuckin stupid jerkass!! Let me go or I will fuckin MURDER you!!"

"Dammit, Bakugo, quiet down! Someone's going to call the police if they already haven't!" I felt giddy. Was this what a high felt like? Running through the streets like this with Bakugo felt so...


Bakugo struggled in my grasp as I turned quickly down an alleyway. I finally stopped running and released Bakugo. We both panted a second in silence.

I found myself smiling, "Wow...you were actually going to kill him." I panted.

Bakugo smirked, proud of his work, "Was pretty close...*huff* if it weren't for you."

He leaned against the graffitied wall, probably looking like the delinquent who did it. "I gotta admit it, though..." he said, closing his eyes. "that was fun."

It was all I could do to cool down my cheeks with my quirk without it being obvious.

Bakugo...he had fun...with ME. Not with Kirishima. Or Kaminari. Or Ashido or Sero or anyone else.

But he enjoyed his time with me.

I laughed. I was so happy and freaked out and shocked I didn't know what else to do. What else COULD I do?

Bakugo's breath hitched for a second, "Woah. What in fuck's name possessed you!?"

I couldn't stop smiling, "We're probably banned from that cafe." Bakugo crossed his arms, "Tch. Their loss. The coffee was shit anyway."

I finally composed myself, "I better go. I need to get some errands done." "Oh," Bakugo said. Was that disappointment?

"You can...come with me if you want to," I offered. Bakugo hunched his shoulders, "Nah, I got shit to do myself."

He pushed himself off the wall and walked past me, hands in his pockets. He suddenly stopped.

Bakugo turned his head, ever so slightly, not looking at me, but definitely talking to me...

"But we should do this again. I actually had fun." he walked away.

I almost fainted. Or floated away like Uraraka. Or died. Katsuki Bakugo wanted to hang out with me again.

But, much more than that, his words meant something else:

I'd become his friend.



~Rainbow Slushie

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