Living In The Shadows - Chapter 1 - Two Of a Kind
Living In The Shadows - Chapter 1 - Two Of a Kind loki stories

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How does it feel to know that you will always live as a shadow, invisible and unlovable, yearning to be anyone but yourself?

Living In The Shadows - Chapter 1 - Two Of a Kind

Jotunheim and Asgard were at war. One day the God Odin had his best warriors sent to attack the enemy home, led by his son Thor.

The handsome God of Thunder was the bravest soldier in the realm. He was celebrated amongst his people for he had the true heart of a hero.

Indeed, he was the Asgardian ideal of strength with his long blond locks and his incredibly muscular figure.

So much praise given to his person was resented by his brother Loki. It seemed like he was the opposite of Thor, in so many ways. Loki didn't really enjoy war as much.

More intelligent and interested in sorcery, he would stick to sharp words rather than sharp objects like his brother in battle.

That day, The Trickster had followed the troops to battle against the Frost Giants. They had a great victorious fight but found themselves viciously ambushed on their return home.

A horde of previously unseen enemies appeared from behind the snowy hills of that region.

All hope seemed lost as the warriors found themselves surrounded, when suddenly an avalanche hit the Giants, dragging them along with it. Thor and his group looked around, visibly relieved.

They saw a flash of light coming from a tall rock right above where they were standing.

'Look!' He said, understanding that the avalanche was intentionally caused. 'There is someone there!'

Everyone looked up as a hooded figure reluctantly came into sight. It held as a weapon what seemed to be two whips made of some strange glowing energy, explaining the light they saw before.

The others were untrusting but Thor came forward.

'Hey! Hi there!' He waved his hand like a child would in the air at the stranger in his usual extroverted ways. The figure waved back in the same manner, probably amused by his informality.

'I am Thor, Prince of Asgard. Thanks for saving us.'

With a leap, the human figure came closer and slid down her hood. To their surprise a woman of great beauty was revealed to their eyes:

'I am Tyra, Princess of Vanaheimr. I was traveling and lost from home.'

After short introductions she agreed to return to the castle with them, so she could be returned later to her realm.

Odin, learning of what happened ordered a banquet to be held as thanks for her saving the lives of his sons and their kin. Tyra was given the place of honor at the table between Thor and Loki.

The first time the God of Mischief saw her he was immediately struck by her looks, but also impressed. He immediately sensed that she was different than anyone else he knew.

Loki had a deep intuition (a rare trait for an Asgardian male), this incredible ability to sense and guess things true out of nowhere.

Perhaps he saw in the newcomer an outcast soul akin of his own, where he could finally fit, and find that so longed satisfaction he desperately looked for.

But his lack of self esteem reacted immediately to the strong desire he felt. It was a protection device, to shield his self from the rejection he feared would happen.

It was like his heart was saying 'I've never wanted anyone so much in my life!' and at the same time: 'Screw her! She will never look at me, specially with my 'perfect' brother standing right next!'

So when Odin asked her to sit at their table between his two sons, he looked at their new guest with this cold hostility, almost hate.

But then, as they exchanged a few words, everything changed. All the ice was suddenly broken.

She listened to him attentively, with a warm smile as if he was the most important person in the room. He had no other choice but to be fully himself.

In a few minutes they had bound and found common interests. Never before, the Prince felt so understood. So appreciated as he was, exactly for who he was.

As the party went on Frigga was pleasantly surprised to find them still talking together at the table after everyone else got up.

In most parties Loki would be on his own by that point, enjoying his wine.

Later in the evening she saw them sitting alone at a separated spot while the rest danced and celebrated.

A wave of joy passed through her loving heart at the sight of her son in such great moods: The young pair laughed loudly together,

so caught up and amused at whatever the other had to say that they cut and completed each other sentences, only to tilt their heads and shake their bodies in laughter again, and again.

Loki felt a sudden will to share, to tell all about himself.

He and that stranger had only met a few hours ago, and weirdly, he was telling her about those personal things he had silenced for a lifetime.

Heart beating insanely fast, he grabbed her hand and guided her through many corridors until they reached a long stairwell. It lead into a tall tower that was once a guard's observatory.

It had become Loki's favorite spot to be on his own.

At her request he allowed her to read some of his writing work (a talent he obviously hid from most people).

It was a poem about his father's first war.

'This is exquisite.' Tyra said closing a notebook, a tear pearling over her eyelashes. There was so much feeling and beauty in each word.

When you are immersed in interesting conversation times fly by.

During hours to end they talked about their thoughts, past memories and everything and anything.

Tyra was leaning against the wall covering in pelts and so was Loki on the opposite side.

And like this, watching the impressive view of the immortal Asgard until late both kept each other company, until they got exhausted and slept on the spot.

Very early, the next day, they were suddenly woken up by some guards. Odin was looking for them for a while.

They barely had the time to stand up and shake sleepiness off when the King appeared.

The matter he wished to discuss was of extreme importance. He asked for the guards to leave.

'Child, the Frost Giants are an imminent treat. I know your kind and mine had been at war many many ages ago, but long since that hate has been forgotten.

Today we are almost friends and an alliance between our Kingdoms could help bring peace back to the Nine Realms.'

Tyra looked first at Loki's troubled and then Odin's imposing face, astonished. The God explained then bluntly what was expected of her, for the greater good:

'Marry my eldest son so Asgard and Vanaheimr will become allies.'

And so it happened.

With the best interest of the two realms at heart, Thor and Tyra’s union was celebrated within a week.

The two brothers' bound, already damaged by Odin driving them to compete for the throne and poisoned by Loki's natural envy,

received a final blow the day Tyra and Thor's engagement was announced.

Feigning a wish to recover after the last battle, the God of Mischief locked himself in his room for days, and allowed his anger and despair to be expressed freely.

Only Frigga was welcomed to see him during this period. Heartbroken and filled with blind hate against his brother, the young Prince opened his embittered heart to his mother.

In her presence only he could allow tears to flow freely. The Queen empathized with his pain, wishing a thousand times to be in her son's place so she would be the one feeling it.

With loving words she asked him to try and forget that woman if possible, as destiny wanted things to be that way and that was nothing left to do.

And that he shouldn't hate Thor as he was unaware and not to blame for what happened.

But Loki couldn't listen to any advice in that state.

After some time, however, he decided to leave his room. It was early in the morning and everyone was having breakfast.

He took a seat next to his brother and though very tired, his face didn't show the slightest hint of the excruciating emotions he felt during his confinement.

With his usual ways he resumed his daily routine, so much that it was virtually impossible to imagine that something could be wrong.

Only Frigga watched her sons from across the table with worry. She couldn't help but frown as if taken by a bad omen.

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