Living as a Shadow - Chapter 4 - The Invisible Enemy
Living as a Shadow - Chapter 4 - The Invisible Enemy loki stories

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An invisible enemy is far more dangerous.

Living as a Shadow - Chapter 4 - The Invisible Enemy

Loki and Tyra's absence caused a great deal of worry. Thor didn't doubt they strayed away, but to his surprise Heimdall himself couldn't locate them anywhere in the Nine Worlds.

Imagine everyone's surprise when, a day later, the Trickster and the Vanir suddenly appeared at the gates of the Bifrost.

They said the device's malfunction teleported them back to Jotunheim by mistake, although their strange explanation could leave one wondering if there was something else they were not sharing.

And of course, that was the case, because as soon as both regained the castle, they rushed to hide a travel sack full of mysterious goods snuck through Heimdall's perception.

Whatever happened in that dungeon where they landed by accident remained a total mystery to everyone.

But Lady Sif only remarked that more than once, Loki and Tyra discreetly made their way into the catacombs.

They brought with them some old books, spending hours inside as if researching something.

After that incident, life in Asgard resumed it's usual routine.

It was a tedious period before the next campaign to Jotunheim.

Loki, who unlike anyone else never remained idle for long, decided it was time to put his plans concerning Thor and Tyra into action:

With his innate subtlety, the Prince started turn the couple against each other, using his trusted position to inculcate misunderstandings between them.

With remarkable ability, he gave bad advice veiled as innocent concern, came up with lies, instigated disputes, slowly using this poison to consume their marriage.

The loving, fun and solid relationship had transformed in a few weeks...

Suddenly both seemed to hold things against each other, fighting for no reason.

The God of Mischief, who didn't miss a thing by a blink, was conveniently around to offer his support and his friendship.

Under a mask of genuine concern, he listened, he sympathized; but above all, he ensured that the right words were said at the right time, pushing them to act as he intended.

To see if things were going as planned, the Sorcerer transformed into a raven and flew to the balcony of their room.

Tyra was alone but soon Thor showed up, filling the room with tension. They hadn't seen each other since their last dispute.

Not sure of what to say, she remained with her back turned to him, simply caressing the bird.

Her new feathery companion, standing on her arm, tilted it’s head to observe Thor with it's beady eyes.

A bit resentful at first, the God of Thunder removed his cloak in silence, watching his wife from behind.

Finally, his expression softened and he walked towards her, trying to make a bit of conversation.

His tone was reconciling and humorous, clearly expressing how he wished for them to get closer again:

'This bird seems to like you. Watch out, I could be jealous, you know...' He passed his arms around the woman's waist, pressing a loving kiss on her bare shoulder.

'I am sorry, Thor.' Tyra forfeited, reciprocating his affections. 'I...!'

Their reconciliation was suddenly interrupted as the raven charged at Thor, causing them to break their embrace. Pissed, he shooed the animal with a phenomenal poke.

The raven let out a threatening 'caw!' and dizzily flew off the balcony. It flapped across the castle, entering the old tower by the window.

As soon as Loki reverted to his original form, he kneeled on the ground with a grunt of pain and threw up on the floor.

Not only flying as a bird had always made him extremely nauseous, his brother's bullseye hit caused him to lose the sense of orientation altogether.

'Fucking Hel! The Kraken itself would've hit me more gently.' He cursed, resting against the wall to recover.

'But be certain, brother, that tonight I will fly back to your room, and return the favor tenth-fold.'

Unaware of this invisible enemy, Thor couldn't suspect that Loki prepared a decisive strike that night.

Certifying that his brother was alone and asleep, he nonchalantly helped himself with some fruit and sat on a chair, patiently waiting until Tyra returned.

As soon as the astute sorcerer heard steps on the corridor, he rushed to the door and walked out, shape shifting into the form of Lady Sif.

Thor's wife stopped on her tracks with astonishment as she saw a female form sneaking out of their chamber.

The corridors were mostly plunged into darkness, but she could still distinguish the dark locks of a woman and a feminine silhouette running in front of her.

Insulted, she rushed back to her husband and angrily demanded for an explanation.

Thor swore on his innocence, but no reconciliation was possible this time.

Far from understanding the extent of his actions, The Trickster celebrated the fact that the plan he so eagerly worked on was a success.


Days after...


--'I am here to help you!’

'Let me go, Loki!

The corridors, set ablaze. The chaos consuming the palace of Asgard, Loki dragging her through the flames in order to save them from death.--

She had been there before, she knew exactly how things would play out. Yet the last thing Tyra wished for was to go through that hell again.

But mercilessly, the dream repeated itself exactly as before, finally coming to the scene she dreaded the most:

--She and Loki were quarreling, at the top of the old guard tower.--

But this time she could see and hear everything that was happening clearly.

The annihilating hate that vibrated in each one of their words caused the hairs on the back her neck to stand up.

It was truly an horrifying scene, that of two beings ripping on each other's weaknesses.

--'There you are: Safe and free to leave, if my very presence disgusts you so much!' He said letting her arm go as they approached the windows.

She jumped through the opening to the outside, eager to leave his side.

Having enough of her stubborn resistance to receive his help, even in the face of death, The Prince growled in rage, deeply hurt and humiliated:

'You should be grateful I came back for you. No one else cares. Tell me, you underserving piece of shit, if you perish here today who else will shed a single tear for you?'

She halted immediately at these words, as if he just stabbed her. He brought to light those demons she tried to keep at bay for a lifetime...

'Loki, stop!' She warned, her voice breaking.

'Your kind in Vanaheim?' He pushed on. 'Those who wouldn't answer your pathetic letters begging for a crumble of affection, of forgiveness? Well, I lied to you.

There was an answer, only one short, dismissive, cold letter: Out of pity, dear, I burnt it.'

At his final revelation she saw herself falling to her knees with an unexpected, horrific scream. Bending over her stomach, she sobbed hopelessly, completely destroyed.

Shocked, Loki stepped closer, obviously taken by remorse, but she suddenly jumped back on her feet and pulled him closer by the collar of his cloak.

Their faces were inches apart and her altered breath could be felt on his skin. Her expression was so frighteningly cruel when she replied, that Loki withdrew a bit:

'From the shadows of Thor, Odin's true heir, the bastard son returns...!The real reason why you seek to destroy Asgard, it's because you failed in every possible way.

How does it feel to know that you will always live as a shadow, invisible and inconsequential, yearning to be anyone but yourself?'

A tear slid and got stuck halfway through his face, making a clear line in the dark soot. His expression was hard and proud, yet his eyes gave away how devastating these words were.

It was, paradoxically, the deep affection that she had for him that, now wounded, urged to hurt back in revenge. Annihilated by his emotions, he imprudently stepped back towards the edge.

The Prince didn't acknowledge a large gap in the floor, hidden by heavy smoke.

Stumbling, they instinctively held to each other for balance, stumbling into the the abyss below, then faded in it's bottomless shadows.--

Tyra woke up in a sweat. She found Thor still asleep next to her, but didn't dare to go for him for comfort.

Feeling anguished and alone, the woman left the room and walked to the forests surrounding the castle.

Under the quiet moonlight and peaceful nature, she hoped to find relief for her aching heart.

Finally stopping next to a waterfall, she entered it, allowing the water to fall gently over her.

It was a soothing sensation, so the Princess just sat under the current for a while, until she heard a noise approaching from some bushes nearby.

The tall silhouette of a man pushed the foliage out of the way, becoming distinguishable under the light of the moon.

She recognized Loki, but this time he wasn't the revengeful man she just saw in her dreams. He was smiling with affection and a hint of pleasantry, as he often did to her.

Silently, the Prince stepped inside the pound, not minding the water that promptly soaked his clothes and hair.

Feeling that dear presence next to her, the Princess sought how much she loved her friend, and her heart contracted painfully:

'Loki, please promise me that we won't ever fight to the point we'll want to say horrible things to one another.'

'We've been mad at each other before.' He shook his head, puzzled. 'It never lasted for more than a minute. Why are so worried about that all of a sudden?'

The Trickster sat in front of her, bidding her to explain.

'I wonder, sometimes, if my fate is to end up being despised by everyone I love. What if you too, someday...'

'...You will find me to be loyal to you in a way Thor could never be, or anyone you've left behind.' He interrupted, his voice absolutely convinced.

In spite of his treacherous actions, this time he was telling the truth, it was impossible for Tyra not to be reassured. 'Just try me.'

He came closer and tenderly took the woman in his arms. Comforted, the Vanir gave in to the warm embrace, and leant her head on his shoulder as a silent thank you.

She became aware, with the proximity, of Loki's strangely accelerated heartbeats.

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