The Girl
The Girl 15-min-of-fame stories

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This one will make you think...never assume you know someone

The Girl

Once there was a girl named Aliya and she was 14 years old. She was brown skin, had dark hair and light brown eyes, and she always shopped at Rue 21.

She also went to South Avenue High School which was really close to her house so she could walk there any time she wanted.

Her parents got divorced last year so it was still hard on her and her mom.

People vent to her knowing that she would give them a true and honest answer, which she did, People would tell her secrets knowing she would keep them.

She was all in all, just a good, true friend to have so people thought that. But little did they know she was dealing with depression, anxiety, cutting.

But she knew she would regret it so she didn't, she knew that her best friend Jalen would get her because he was the only person who knew about all of this.

Jalen, Aliyas very close friend,

so close that they called each other brother and sister and he always knew when something was wrong so as soon as she got the bandages and knife out that she kept from under her bed she hear

a knock outside her window and she knew it was jalen and he already had all the snacks, tissues and music " What the heck Jalen?

" said Aliya "im here" said jalen as he hopped on her bed and gave her the snacks and snachted the knife out her hand "what's wrong,

you said you will stop cutting" said Jalen " it's to much pressure" said aliya "I feel like everyone is watching me, for me to do something wrong" Then she started to cry on Jalen shoulder,

and for the rest of the night they ate snacks, watched movies,and listening to music.

Then the next day Jalen had some bad news, he had to take a trip to Ohio because one of his dads had to speak at an event there and Quincy decided to stay there for about 2 months!

Jalen is a boy who's 15 years old, light brown eyes, with a fade. He loves shopping for shoes and name brand clothes.

His mom left when he was about 4 because his dad is gay, but they have a normal relationship she sees him every 2 months for 5 weeks then he goes back to his dads.

Quincy, his stepdad, came into his life when he was 10 but they love him very much and he loves them. His dad David is a Brain Surgeon and he has to move from time to time.

Jalen has been friends with Aliya since 4 years old they met each other in daycare and been friends ever since and her mom and his dads are SUPER close when I say close they have 3 days

a week that they go into the local coffee shop and they talk to each other about everything! Now when he tells Aliya about him moving he's scared that she'll start going back to her old ways.

While he got ready for school his stepdad asked him if he was okay with going to Ohio for a little bit Jalen said " Yeah im fine" as he got finished brushing his teeth.

Quincy said okay as he finished getting ready as well.

At Aliya house she was still asleep, per usual,

because her mom thought it was saturday so she was just downstairs cooking breakfast then she had this weird feeling that she was forgetting something.

Then all of a sudden she remembered she forgot to wake Aliya up! So she yelled " ALIYA WAKE UP YOUR LATE!!!" as soon as she heard her name she woke right up " nooo I have a test today!!

" said aliya so then she rushed to put on some clothes, sprayed a LOT of perfume,

got her backpack and Aliya and her mom ran to the car as she sped to the school as aliya hurried to put some gum in her mouth " MOM how did you forget to wake me up this morning!?

" Said aliya " I don't even know" said Jennifer, her mom, exclaimed " I'm pretty sure I had my alarm set on 6:00", "A.M or P.M mom?" said aliya "Oh Lord" said Jennifer as she shakes her head.

After a couple of minutes they arrived at the school Aliya flew out of the car and ran to her 2nd period "So, you decided to join us Ms. Tomis" said ms. clarkson pettifully. Ms.

clarkson always hated Aliya for years now because of the the incident in 6th grade with her son when he was saying the N - Word while being white and Aliya told him off then told

the principle then he got expelled from the school for that year while his mom Ms. clarkson was working there. She has not liked her ever since.

" where were you!?

" Jalen whispered sounding worried, " My mom forgot to wake me up this morning, so I had to rush to get here that's all" said aliya " Oh okay I have something to tell you after 3rd period,

something important" Jalen said seriously "okay,

why can't you tell me now" said aliya looking very confused and considered "just go to the side of the school right to our table" said jalen as he was looking at his paper as if he was doing

his work.

Lunch came around 6 and she did exactly what jalen said but she was not as concerned as she was earlier because they have a history of pranking each other and he always got her but

she decided he isnt going to get her this time so she had a can of silly string just in case. After 2 more minutes of getting prepared for spraying she saw him and got ready " So...

what did you want to tell me that was so serious " said aliya " Ok, I have to go to Ohio because my dad has a business trip to go to..." Said jalen " okay..

For how long like 2 weeks?" said aliya jokingly thinking it's still a prank, " more like 2 months i'm sorry aliya....

" Aliya looks sadly as she says "Oh okay" and slowly gets up from the table " Aliya wait!" As Jalen said that the bell rang and Aliya got lost in the crowd of students rushing to get to class.

After that school day as Aliya was walking home with her headphones on blasting her music,

when she felt like someone was following her and she knew that the person was Jalen so she just ignored it until she got home " mom if Jalen asked where i'm at tell him i'm at

a friends house okay?" Said Aliya " Okay, Why?" said Jennifer, sounding very confused " Just do it please, okay?" Aliya said, trying to not to cry while walking up the stairs.

Later that night while she was on her phone scrolling through TikTok she noticed that her phone was on 5% so she charged it then she noticed the time " Dang its 12:00 i need to go

to bed I have a SMA to do tomorrow" so she went to bed until the next morning.

She woke up at 5:00 instead of 6:00 so she just went with it and since she had extra time she decided to actually pick out an outfit and do her hair and makeup.

After she was done she went down stairs and nobody was there but the lights were all on and there was a note on the fridge saying " Hey Aliya sorry I had to go to work early

the doctor's office called saying that a lady was giving birth crazy right!?

I'll tell you 'bout it when i get home, your lunch for school is in the fridge i'll be home 'bout 12-ish o'clock love ya!

- mom" so she just got her lunch out the fridge and just went on her way to school like usual but then she had this weird feeling that something unusual is going to happen but she just

ignored it and put her headphones in and blasted it.

When she arrived there was this girl who had light brown eyes almost hazel with long wavy hair dark brown hair, a mid length beautiful dress sitting in jalen's seat.

Aliya had never seen this girl before so she figured it was a new student so she just went to her seat next to the girl and just finished her morning assignments " Hey Aliya right? " said the gir

l joyfully " I'm Charlotte nice to meet you " Aliya looked at her im confusion " Hey, uhm how did you know my name " she laughed nervously " Oh, the teacher told me to 'sit next to that desk, tha

t's aliyas the one in the middle ' so I just sat here until you came and asked me why am I sitting here" Charlotte chuckled " Oh ok" Aliya chuckled awkwardly. 3rd period came around and luckily

it was a nice teacher because Aliya did not feel like doing any work so it was like a relaxing period for them. " Hey Aliya wanna sit next to me at lunch next period" said Charlotte " yeah, sure"

so that lunch she sat next to charlotte like she said she would and for the rest of their lunch they slowly became friends "so wanna come to my house so we can go to the nearby carnival?" said

Aaliyah " Yeah sure!" Charlotte said excitedly, Aliya always loved carnivals, the rush of adrenaline from riding the roller coaster and the smell of popcorn always kept her happy. "So what ride d

o you wanna ride first?" said aliya anticipatingly, Charlotte looked round a bit then one ride caught her eye " lets ride that one!" she said pointing to The Death Drop, Aliya would always promis

e herself that she would ride that ride one day but never did it, always too scared, before she could answer Charlotte was pulling her to the line. After about 4 minutes they were next in line so

they hopped on and Charlotte was tipping the person who was controlling the ride so it can go for a longer time meanwhile aliya was trying to figure out how she would text her mom her goodbye sp

eech. after waiting for everyone to get on the ride Charlotte said " are you ready" as she laughed but aliya was not laughing she was lost in her mind preparing to die, Soon after the ride flew!

it had twists and turns, flips and loops then it had an abrupt stop next thing they knew they were right where they started so they got up and started to walk around. Aliya started to get tired s

o they went back to her house and , Aliya always wanted to wear face masks and have spa days but her mom was always busy and Jalen thought it would ruin his skin so he didn't want to do it so she

knew that these few weeks were going to be amazing. While they were dancing so they could dry their masks off Charlotte noticed some cuts on her wrists but she just left it alone but then she no

ticed something shiny and it was a knife She ask " Hey uhm why do you have a knife here?" knowing exactly why Aliya said nothing. Charlotte turn off the blasting music, "Hey what the heck?" Alyia

says, Charlotte looks at her knowing somethings up, she turns to aaliyah's closet there she says s " why is there so many knifes!" Aliyah turns slowly and say I'm not who you think...

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