you're only human
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rainevrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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it's only human to break apart.

you're only human

by rain

you write carefully with the ink in your veins,

i guess you never know when it'll all go away.

you tread carefully where you give away your secrets,

i guess sometimes they come back and burn like salt in cuts.

you're so human that it hurts,

darling, you have to learn to trust;

the scars on your soul

can't hurt you anymore.

you're so alive that you gotta hold on so you don't fall away;

you can hold onto me, i'll hold onto you; please stay.

the world is dangerous when your heart's made of gold,

so you spill the ink in your veins into suicide notes.

it's only human to break apart,

but oh, even more so to get back up.

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