sonnet I is for you
sonnet I is for you immortality stories

rain found my way back somewhere
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i wish we lived forever together.

sonnet I is for you

by rain

life's too short to give up on us two now;

there's no way i'm letting go of your smile.

oh ev'ryone lives to die, but somehow

i'm going to make it all worth your while.

life's too short to live, but your laugh makes me

begin to believe in ne'er ending life.

oh darling when the sun sinks can you see

everything beautiful in this life?

i know that for me when you start to sing

the world lights up, a match to a candle.

hold my hand, forget all your suffering,

i'll make your life easier to handle,

because i know that i want you with me

for eternity. us i m m o r t a l l y .

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