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// promise me a place in your house of memories //


by rain

past lovers and all their regrets,

everything they promised,

building you up in black and white polaroids

and breaking you down like a funeral dress.

in the end all we are is a broken wine glass

with blood red love soaking into white bones,

built up and broken down

like shooting stars and dying angels.

all we are are memories;

little smiles between you and me;

kisses under bridges and cherry trees;

hot chocolate and snow storms;

these are the things that we live for,

these are all we have to die for.

in end we're twin skeletons on a hotel bed -

broken and bent and holding on

to things that only once existed.

every smile fades even though the sun begins a new day,

but all our memories

turn skeletons into humans and headstones into silver gold.

oh honey, i promise, none of our memories will ever grow old.

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