six metaphors for six memories
six metaphors for six memories metaphors stories

rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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six metaphors for six memories


the playground - the baseball field - the dirt, the dust, and the ashes -

you, in my hands, breaking - hands around throats - we were nooses snapping under the weight of all this sadness.


the snow - shining - you - laughing - we were fireworks and the nighttime sky was the canvas we painted our happiness on -

colors and heartbeats - we were fireworks and all our colors were golden.


the scissors with their eyes in mine - the blood - the sharp edge of your words cutting into me -

we were grinning pumpkins catching on fire and burning our hearts down.


3am - i woke up late - we are clocks and we are ticking time bombs and we are about to go off -

my eyes were heavy with dreams and then - waking - missed emails, oh lovely, where did you go? -

gone - love - i love you -


moonlight - sinking into the grand canyon like your teeth digging into my lips -

the first time i told you i loved you i couldn’t breathe -

we were song lyrics and broken poetry begging for a ghost to stay.


highway lines, golden in their time - sunsets and headlights -

catch the trees on fire and they are alight with not a care in the world - the good kind of forgetting -

we are rivers, running from everything that hurts, and we are healing and surviving -

and water is resilient, and we are not separate memories, but the two of us are poetry.

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