patience my child, time will tell
patience my child, time will tell existence stories

rain found my way back somewhere
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ask all the questions that have no answers, and time will lie

patience my child, time will tell

by rain

they say the sun sets and rises

and teary eyes dry

all as long as we wait for time.

it feels like the only option's suicide;

i just want to say goodbye.

what's the meaning of life,

why is it that we die?

what does it mean to cry?

let's play i spy

the answers, apply

these questions to life.

quantify and qualify

god's existence up in the sky,

where's the evidence, identify

the reasons we exist, but i think life's

a little bit meaningless, so life

isn't on my side.

no longer have an alibi,

i don't understand why we stay alive,

except to pacify and satisfy

god, so for peace of mind

let's just say that time

will supply

a better lie.

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