of churches and sins
of churches and sins secret-relationship stories

rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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i am holy when you touch me.

of churches and sins

by rain

while fire sirens ring like church bells, i worship your body in darkened pews,

where we can set ourselves on fire, a burning sunrise of electric wires.

passing time is my favorite pastime, killing clocks with my favorite prayer,

head bowed, knees bent, your breath is my name in gasps.

i know it doesn't mean anything special to you,

but it's all worth the stare of the virgin mary and the withdrawn blessings of the mighty and the holy.

talk in past tense, reminisce all that nostalgia in a kiss,

best friends don't end, but i bet the world

you don't know you're mine.

i'm melting under your touch, falling in a sunrise of sin-

darling, god watches us and listens to our prayers; listens to your name on my tongue like it's air.

oh my darling, i live for you,

and the stained glass shatters, and sin bares our souls.

god knows there's more to the world than this, but all i know is that you are it.

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