in a timeless moment
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rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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in a timeless moment

by rain

oh she promised that she would love me forever,

and g o d did she love me.

she said she wanted to live forever,

and i assumed that meant with me by her side,

but mortals aren't meant to fall in love with gods.

they don't stick around, forever.

they don't keep their promises, they outlive them.

she said she would love me forever, but little did i know, a god's forever is but a mortal second.

we are the beats of a fly's wing, the trails of sunset that disappear without our noticing.

she said forever, and it meant n o t h i n g .

eternity isn't real. there is only now.

and god, in the present, she loved me in the moment.

she loved me in an endless second and she didn't give up until the second hand clicked and forever became reality.

there is no infinity. there is only now, now and then.

an eternity and a forever of a past me and her.

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