i'm not giving up on you
i'm not giving up on you graveyard stories

rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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"im not giving up on you. please answer me."

i'm not giving up on you

by rain

please answer me honey, promise me it'll all be okay,

the world is crashing down around you like white snow in winter but it's still worth living even with these whispers and rumors about worthless things.

the world has ripped you apart, piece by piece, vein by vein, but you repair every time, still reaching for a heaven that doesn't exist.

you want death but i love you, and i'm not letting you go.

you're strong, like silver, liquid suicide dripping downside some cliff in south dakota,

you're strong like a graveyard headstone, metal forging marble into a memorial of memories that i hold onto as if they are you.

and you are beautiful in the way that hyacinths and lillies (i'm sorry) are beautiful next to a coffin -

and i miss you.

i miss you because you were snow and secrets and strength and safety and i am left behind, crying at a gravestone,

and i miss you,

because you are made of marble now where there used to be a melancholy kind of happiness that was more misery than anything but it was still something,

and i miss you,

and i'm still sobbing at skeleton stone silence, promising to a graveyard that i'm not giving up,

but you already have.

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