i won't let you down
i won't let you down suicide-pact stories

rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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this time, we'll do it.

i won't let you down

by rain


he reaches for my hand.

his skin is so c o l d .

he's the only one who understands,

the only one who even tried to touch this blindfold,

the one that blankets the night sky, keeping heaven from our stony eyes.

his fingers and mine, together, i n t e r t w i n e d .

we're going to do it tonight.

no backing out, no more desperate reasons to survive,

there's only him and me and the night sky,

glaring at us, as though it knows what we're going to try.

i am aware of the d a m a g e .

it's okay. they'll manage.

and tonight?

i don't care about anything except for the sky.

i won't let him down, not this time. it's going to be tonight. his hand in mine.

i want this. he wants this. we've been waiting. (i won't let you down.)

g o o d b y e .

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