i paenitet (i'm sorry)
i paenitet (i'm sorry) philosophy stories

rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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sorry doesn't take back the reasons i want to die, and it doesn't heal the scars (all of which are from you)

i paenitet (i'm sorry)

by rain

you said sorry in a hundred languages

and you ended in latin,

just like us, another dead

proverb that didn't mean much.

you told me you loved me

and then you went and lied

to so many girls desperate

for meaning in meaninglessness,

it's the sisyphus

theory, absurdidty,

making up a reason

to stay alive.

you try and give me one honey,

and i'll try and listen,

but all you can say is sorry

i fucked up your life.

yeah well, sorry doesn't undo

the shit we went through

and when everyone's asleep

i'm reminded no one cares about me

least of all you.

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