i hope you had the time of your life
i hope you had the time of your life love stories

rain found my way back somewhere
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i wrote a poem for you, one more that you will never read.

i hope you had the time of your life

by rain

it lasted a couple years, just a blink in infinity, back when you loved me.

i know it's over, i know it's all passed, but i never got that last bit of torturous closure.

we've lived apart for long enough to break my heart,

but god knows, these shadows only grow and i don't stop thinking about you.

(you in those clothes, you in that smile, you in that bit of the best moments of my entire life)

i owe those years entirely to you.

there's a war in my mind, among the happiness that i felt in those times and the burning sadness.

we're only young, we don't know how to fly, but oh i know how to miss a girl's soft sigh.

and honey i know it's over, but i know that i still think about the way it ended with black ink and barely a goodbye kiss.

so now that it's over, my question for you is this:

did you have the time of your life?

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