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rain found my way back somewhere
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g a s o l i n e

by rain

i can't tell you this.

it's supposed to be a secret.

but there's this thing i'm feeling, this...


and it - it burns.

it scorches the insides of my stomach, it's already torn apart my brain.

every word i've ever thought, every feeling i've ever felt,

it melts underneath the touch of this anger, this light, this -


there is nothing scarier

than the quiet.

it burns, gasoline and cigarettes, wood and matches.

it carves a place inside of me, holding fortress deep down,

somewhere i will never find it.

it will just burn.

and i am tied to the stake and i cannot escape.

i am soaked in gasoline,

and there is something terrifying inside of me,

that has just lit a match.

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