five things to remember when you can't fall asleep
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rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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a five step guide to surviving life xx

five things to remember when you can't fall asleep


step one, you hold yourself close,

close your eyes and dream

of something you love, the sun setting

over a riverbank and your sister

holding a waterdroplet

on her fingernails. step one,

you dream of all that could be

and you remember it may be one day.


the future is yet unwritten,

don't let the world breathe for you,

only you can count the stars you see,

no one else is quite the same,

flaws are crushed flower petals

that you'll always save, step two,

know that you're beautiful,

and the world may turn without you

but god knows we don't want it to.


step three, touch your heart and hear

it's beating strong still, darling,

you are made of iron and stardust

and you have been forged in fire,

strength flows in your veins like

liquid gold and makeshift dreams,

step three, listen to the drumbeat

you're still here. please believe

you can survive all this tragedy.


there's something to hope for,

when all hope is lost, there's something

to dream of, when you can't

fall asleep. the world is in prose

and you are poetry, but that

does not mean it won't be okay.

there's something to live for,

when all life is gone, there's something

to survive for, when you've

hit rock bottom. find the purple

in the sunset and the golden

in the rainbow, search for something

inside of the nothing, and you'll

be okay.


step five is the hardest, but

it's all worth it, honey,

your mind is a desert and you

are starving for water. i know

it hasn't rained in a while but the sun

won't burn out this land until

you've given up, so don't give up, love,

there's something on the horizon,

and it's worth staying alive

to see what will come next

when the sun rises.

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