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rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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as i am

by rain

one of my teachers asked me, "write down three words to describe yourself so i can get to know you."

and i stared at my blank page.

and i felt -


i am empty. a piece of paper with no words.

the little eraser shavings, where there once was a word, and now - there is nothing. it is blank.

i could write terrible lists of what i am.

ugly, worthless, broken, useless, stupi -

i can't turn that in, i don't think.

so i think of good things. things my teacher wants to know.

and i am blank.

is blank ugly?

can i still be beautiful? with no color? no design? no art?

snow is beautiful, even in its simplicity.

and so i will be as i am.

i turn in a paper, and it says,

1. beautiful 2. confident 3. me

even when i feel ugly.

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