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rain found my way back somewhere
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you don't own my summers anymore, but that doesn't mean i don't want you to.


by rain

the average temperature during our summers in boston is 70°.

i remember

you wore skirts and i wore short shorts, skin showing like we're the synonym for scandalous.

i remember

we sweat out the heat of the moment in abandoned pools and grocery stores; i remember the night we ran two miles to buy lays and popcorn and a couple of smiles.

the average person falls in love at age 15.

(when i say that, you know what i mean and why it is about you.)

they say numbers don't define us, but i can break down heartbreak into a series of numerals that mean everything because they are when you left me.

5:57PM. 11:17PM. 6:15AM. 9:59AM.

the first time, the second fight, the one on June 11, 2015 -

did you know that blood is 98.6° fahrenheit?

we are nothing but lists now.

98.6% sure you hate me. 98.6% of the time i hate you. .4% of the time i miss you.

my blood running well below 98.6°, my pulse beating 98.6 times per minute, our wrists burning at 98.6°.

they say you'll fall in love 2-7 times in your life.

but that doesn't mean you forget the ones you left behind.

the average temperature during summers in boston is 70°.

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