The Not So Happy Camper
The Not So Happy Camper depression stories

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The mind of a mentally ill one

The Not So Happy Camper

My mind is slowly entering an abyss, for the angel of death I bestow upon a kiss,

with fear in my heart and tears in my eyes, I slowly approach my doom and in my head I wonder why?,

why might I deal with the constant battles, the constant valleys and the constant shadows, the shadows of death that I ever so fear, but deep down I was hoping the end was near,

how many times can you ask for protection?, the constant pain from the on going neglecting, the hatred that I truly feel in my heart,

maybe..... was I meant to be a monster from the start?, was I suppose to lessen lives without feeling narcissistic towards my own?,

was i suppose to bag every chick that I could make come home? But that's just not me to begin with but the me now is devastated, ..... does that mean this feeling was premeditated,

we'll see maybe that's it, maybe these feelings are all too legit,

I guess that means I'll never be healed, I'll never be free and my true soul be revealed,

so I guess this is it..... an endless loop of sadness and despair, well in life's defence no one ever told me it would be fair,

this isn't a note of suicide but a note stating that I've given it my all, that I've lost all will and wouldn't stop myself when I fall,

but to those reading this poem who still have hope, just know you have support with methods to cope,

just make sure you reach out and ask for help, cause nobody can do it by them self

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