My "She"!!!
My "She"!!! simple stories

rahulpandey Community member
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How I picture clearly, something that has been so hazy:-)

My "She"!!!

You know there is a different air

Which only her magnificent aura can bear

It gushes miles ahead of her

Creating a soulful, mystical stir

In the hearts of those it nudges by

Mighty, dumb, bright or shy

It allures all and spares none

A simplicity surprising everyone

Garlanded with ornate glowing eyes

All the happiness wherein gleefully lies

Whose shining mist emanates in rife

The pious, lucid beauty of her life

Her smile as well, not being far away

Makes the flowers dance and the bees sway

To the tone that emerges from her heart

Note by note, part by part

And as she walks or rather glides

Her dangling hair, with all her strides

Try to resonate in a rhythmic sync

World envisages it without a blink

Her mind is a temple of wisdom so high

No mortal being could ever reach nigh

And yet she has such subtle views

On life and all its multiple hues

That makes me bereft of words or speech

My heart pouring obeisance on her breath, each

And longing for her company just a while more

And by a while I mean, till I see my shore

For a captain like her with an adorable grit

Would be priceless for life and even beyond it!!!

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