Amidst the Cumulonimbus!!
Amidst the Cumulonimbus!!  water stories

rahulpandey Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
When it rains and drenches everything, be it the inside or the out!!

Amidst the Cumulonimbus!!

When they come together, all bulbous and fat In white and grey or black as a bat It lures me into a whole new psalm Leaving the inside of me all calm

For they too are not calm as they seem With trillions of oozing drops they brim Similar to my bazillion dreams Searching for crevices to sprout in a stream

And when the pressure is aptly right And when the Sun is not that bright They explode in a cheerful blast of shower Gushing to the earth with all their power

Just being there as a minuscule being Envisaging the show of the hydra ring Makes me feel humbled without any doubts Under the umbrella of the cumulonimbus clouds!!!!

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