An Everlasting Dream -Scribbles!
An Everlasting Dream
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rahul_ravi Scribbles!
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Pounding chest.

An Everlasting Dream -Scribbles!

It was a summer hot day...Probably hotter.

And we were practicing for the Independence day march..

Me with my buddy at the front.Its sort of a punishment for the outcast.

Exhausted..Vexed I was...till ... breeze of a voice hit my spine..

Yes...It was her.

She was leading the women troop.

But what was she breezing.?I was not in a mindset to reckon.

Oh..She...She was the one who made uniforms look prettier.

And......................... Bang.

It was my tutor.

It was always been her.. the bad hat.

Principal had asked for you.-She states.

Oh man,what the hell he needs.

Heading back... my legs raced.

So why He called..?...what happened in the office?..


As someone said the middle is always messy.

Cut to.

Stepping down from the office.

Hell..the ground is empty..

But I found the breeze in mirage.

She was leaning down the pillars.

My heart pounded ...

I was losing my glucose level.

Moved without a stimuli.

I was before the One.....

But she was looking into her green cloth watch

My sighs were heavy..

Atlast she was looking at me ..

And I was sweating down..

After a battle with my brain ...I was going to deliver my first..

But crap..

She was fading out.

Aww..... My brother woke me up

Getting straight ..grabbing his hand.

I knocked him in grief.

It had always been a dream talking to her.


An Everlasting dream.

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