History repeats itself
History repeats itself hysteria stories
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rahelea Community member
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Some thoughts on recent developments

History repeats itself

so much stupidity in this fucking world i just have to scream it out to the stupid city lights who keep on shining

even though we live like gods, not caring about anybody or anything but ourselves, how the fuck do they keep shining?

they should drown us in darkness for what we did, for what we stand for, and not strive to be just like we are

blinded by the lights, but never able to embrace it, stepping from shadow to shadow and ignoring everything we kill in the meantime

but for what? we're living on an island scared to drown in the rising water and instead of learning how to swim we throw stones in the waves

and are still surprised the water fights back. what for? noone should live like that. but i guess everyone is right:

history repeats itself. no, let me correct that: hysteria repeats itself.

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