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every time

i fell in love with you when i was just a kid who was about to discover that the world could be cruel to me, too

we got introduced by friends, some of them knew you a long time, some only for a few months you were famous, you knew everyone and everyone knew you but still, we instantly fell for each other,

it didnt matter with how many others you had been before me, because you were the only one for me

and when i was with you, i was flying high, i was in heaven, i was strong and beautiful, 'cause you made me believe in something good, in something bigger, like there was a meaning to it all

but your dark sides were always creeping up on us, lurking in the shadows, wondering where they could strike us... ...strike me remember when you treated me like shit? threw me to the floor? made me forget who i was?

and i hated you so much i hated you i hated you... but i couldn't let go

and for every time you kicked me, i kicked back twice as hard, and for every time you pushed me, i threw you to the ground you make me see myself for who i really am

and still, after all this time, after all these memories... i love you and you love me (doesn't that sound lovely? like we're meant to be?)

we can't be without each other, i feel like i'm drowning when i'm not with you, like i'm burning alive, like i've jumped off a high building, the adrenaline rushing through my veins,

and it's funny; i'm not even afraid of the crash, i never was, i'm willing to jump every goddamn time you ask and i know how fucked up that is, but that's how it is: i love how you hate me and i hate how you love me (still lovely, isn't it?)

and i can't seem to let go we can't seem to let go so we crash over and over again - like every other time before

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