into the frontier
into the frontier  titanfall stories

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based off respawns game (titanfall and titanfall two campaign)
a young girl leaves her family changes her name, and joins up with the frontier milita
(will be sectioned into parts!! happy reading it)

into the frontier

the story begins 18 years ago when i was born, the scientists had found vast deadzones filled with areas with worlds that were like earth, some people made their way out there,

and colonized the worlds,

along with a group called the IMC, and Hammond robotics, my family is a major name in the imc group that abandoned their duty to help earth and many planets alike, causing a unsettling uproar,

my family had me the month of the fall of the IMS ODDESSEY

a flag ship that was important to the imc.. i was named after the galaxy andromeda. where the fall of the ship took place.

my father was close to the man that lead it.

my mother wanted my identity to be hidden from the frontier as i was accident and she made it bluntly clear i was but my father says other wise

he introduced me to generals and the different factions of the imc, but my mother flipped and divorced him

who is my father?

marcus graves

and this is my story

i want to tell you how my life came to the point and position i was put in how i ran away and betrayed my family name

also leading me to change it

lets begin huh?

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