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It wasn’t like he had planned on doing it.

He wasn’t even like that;

Not that kind of person.

He was bored,

And the opportunity presented itself.

So why not?

It was just this once;

Just to see what it was like.

And it was indescribable.

He didn’t do much.

Just a little.

After all, he wasn’t that kind of person.

Some time passed, and he was bored again.

So he did it again.

And he did more.

But he could stop at any time.

It wasn’t a big deal.

But then he craved it.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it no matter how hard he tried.

It interfered with his work.

So he did it again to satisfy the craving.

Then he only did it when he got cravings.

Sometimes he’d deny himself.

He was still in control.

Until he had to stop for a while,

And realized how often he had really done it.

It wasn’t like he had been keeping track,

He just did it when he pleased.

So when he was finally able to do it again,

He went all out.

He had just taken a break after all.

He craved it less desperately than before,

But he found himself doing it just as often.

Soon, it was part of a routine.

He didn’t even really feel the effects anymore.

How had this happened?

He wasn’t that kind of person.

But somehow

He had gotten addicted.

And he told himself that he was still in control.

He can stop at any time.

He isn’t that type of person.

It’s no big deal.

So as he continued to do it,

He didn’t see it as a problem.

It was just something he did from time to time.

But deep down

He knew.

He knew he had an addiction,

And he wasn’t doing anything to stop it.

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