Our Bathroom Flooded
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radpineapple I write sometimes
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story through texts of my flooded bathroom

Our Bathroom Flooded

It's an exceptionally rainy day today. The following are texts sent to my roommate while she was attending a long class:


The bathroom flooded!

Like it's okay now

But the toilet spontaneously overflowed!!

It was making a weird noise, and when I went to check, everything was soaked in the bathroom.

It's so gross

The rugs are SOAKED

Attached is a video of me picking up one of our bath mats, water flowing down from it and dripping onto the wet floor.

I don't know what to do! It's not like they can dry outside.

A second video is attached of me turning on the shower. The water from the shower splashes loudly into a puddle over the drain that only continues to grow.

I was gonna try and wash the rugs in the shower but it's flooded too!!

I send two pictures of the flooded shower. One of the puddle by itself. The second with the shower on to show the depth of the puddle.

I'm going to call housing. This is weird!!

Housing is putting in a work order. So who knows when it will be fixed :/

I'm gonna try and flush the toilet and see what happens

This video begins with me tentatively stepping into the bathroom. The water reflecting the fluorescent bulb above. I step on one of the mats with my shoe and produce a loud squelching sound.

The video continues and I reach the toilet and lift the lid. I push down on the handle. The toilet begins to flush, but then the water continues to rise. I make a surprised sound and noisily slush out of the bathroom.

Yup. The toilet is backed up.

I guess the school's sewer system couldn't handle all this rain

...and now I have to pee.

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