A Good Story
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What makes a good story?

A Good Story

A Good Story

I read through a decent story

Solid plot

Shabby grammar

Funny lines

It’s not terrible

But it’s not excellent

I click to the comments and see this story teeming with praise and thoughts


How did a mediocre story get so much feedback?

I try to maintain good grammar

And spend hours on a developing a gripping plot

I go over dialogue repeatedly in my head to make sure it is perfectly in-character

I click to see my comments

But I have none

Am I thinking of myself too highly?

Is my story not as great as it seems?

Should I keep going on?

Is my writing even good?

Is it worth even worth putting all this effort forth to have no one even read it?

What do the seemingly mediocre stories have that I do not?

What am I missing?

What makes a good story?

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