Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 8
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 8 adult stories

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The spotlight is his and his alone in this chapter. You cannot escape the spotlight. :D


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 8

It was the Monday after the weekend the party took place, and the bell for first period had rung.

"Don't forget the upcoming prep exams, or I will make each and every single one of you stand out in the hallway with buckets!", our homeroom teacher called out behind us.

One of the students yelled back "Yeah, yeah. Whatever!".

The teacher then hollered "What was that!?", then proceeded to grab a piece of chalk off of the blackboard, and threw it at the smack-talker.

It happened to hit Cringe-kun instead, who had just came from the Student Council room to look for me.

"Oh, my goodness!", the teacher replied in shock. "Motonoya-san of the Student Council! I-I deeply apologize! I didn't know you were there!", the homeroom teacher says as she bows her head.

"It's ok, teach. Water under the bridge, but it seems like those buckets of yours hold plenty of them, huh?", Cringe-kuen replied.

Initially mistaking it as a double-entendre, the teacher looks down at her chest through her horn rimmed glasses and blushes profusely at the nerve of his statement.

She knew that she was well-endowed, and always dressed conservatively to hide that. She had a drill sarge temper, but secretly wanted someone to care for.

The teacher softly put her hands on the top of her bosom.

(Did this boy like me because of my chest? Could it be feelings of emotion? Could it be lust?

Could it be forbidden l-l-lo~) *ahem*, Cringe-kun clears his throat and snaps the homeroom teacher out of her vivid daydream, her face beet red.

He points at the buckets sitting at the wall of a room. "O-oh, those buckets.", she replies. "Get it? Water? Bridge? Buckets?", he says. She gives a long sigh, and says "Classic Cringe-kun.", as if it were an instinctive thing to say. Upon realizing what she just said, her eyes went wide.

She knew being a supposed role model teacher was important at the school, especially while on the clock. She felt as if she could lose her job for this.

She bowed her head, and profusely apologized, saying "Please forgive my outburst! I don't know why or how I even said that! Please don't tell Tenryou-san or the principal!", tears streaming down her face. (She's usually such a hardass...), Cringe-kun thinks, feeling a giant sweatdrop of embarrassment trickle down the back of his head as he sees the once composed teacher lose her marbles.

"Relax, I won't tell anyone. I was looking for one of your students. Came to him with an assignment from the Pre- I mean, Tenryou-San with a honorary committee report.I was supposed to report to him before first period."

"Phew!", she sighs with relief, one hand on her chest in response.

The bell dismissing first period and starting second period had rung after he said this. He had spent a whole period conversing with my homeroom teacher.

"Oh, geez! The bossman-uh...Tenryou-san is going to kill me! Sorry, teach! I gotta go! Your hair looks good today, by the way!", Cringe-kun yells as he storms off, waving back at her.

Realizing that she got in the way of his initial duty, she runs to the doorway, and hollers out "SUMIMASEN!" towards him.

She continues to look on, and blushes a little, thinking (Ah, dream and to do..someday, I'll find my muse. Someday.) The Alchemy teacher walks past the homeroom teacher. She glares at him. "Not you, old man.", she coldly says.

He looks back at her, confused as to what she meant by that.

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