Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 6
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The introduction of one of my favorite characters that I have written, and self-admittedly, probably one of my greatest works among the chapters. 😎


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 6

A new day arises, a new breeze blows, a new flower blooms. As I step past the school gates, I could not help but feel like I was being watched.

As I peeked towards a nearby tree, I notice nothing. A shadow veiled figure happened to be hiding behind it, staring at me with intensity.

It peeked its head back out as I walked in the school, with me oblivious, of course.

The figure followed me inside about a few seconds later. It peeked behind the wall, as I entered the class for homeroom.

What the figure didn't know was that a couple of delinquents were ganging up behind it with a bag and some ropes.

The group grabbed their prey, and it let out a shrill shriek of a squeak as they were tied up and captured.

The class and I heard the scream over the teacher threatening to make the whole class wear buckets in the hallway for not listening to the lesson she was about to teach.

She didn't have enough buckets for even half of the class, but that damn sure would not stop her from trying, and we all knew it.

We decided to ignore it in the end, as it was none of our concern and best not worth risking punishment for.

A couple of onlookers that witnessed the bullies said "poor thing" and "I hope she'll be okay" among other things.

The group marched with their prey to a locker down the hallway and shoved the prey in there, whom was struggling to break free to no avail.

What the delinquents didn't know was that the Alchemy teacher, who is a retired martial arts instructor (Capoeira and Karate) was called in to help by one of the spectators.

He comes in, fists bared. He has never assaulted one of them, and made a vow to never will. The delinquents are well aware of this, but they know good and well what he is capable of.

They see him, and collectively start to shake and sweat. He walks up to the lead of the gang, and says "You WILL release that student you have contained in the locker.", he says.

"In a million years? Maaaaaybe.", he says, as he and the crew tries to look menacingly over the old teacher.

The next thing that happened was something I personally would have admittingly wanted to see over Ms. Buckets for Brains and her lessons any day of the week.

He calmly and quietly strokes his beard, and says "Now boys, would you rather receive your punishment by the principal, or by ME?

" He looks up at the leader as he says that last word with a look on his face that was as if he had seen death rewinding in a loop for hours on end.

"T-Take him! Her! Whatever the little freakshow goes by this day and age. Just remember one thing.

I will not rest until my fallen comrades get revenge on that piece of sh~!" "Language, young one.", the teacher interrupts sternly. "That piece of GARBAGE'S older brothers for jumping my crew.

Are you happy now, 'sensei'?", he finishes in a mocking tone.

"Never, now scram!" he says, as he punches a nearby wall hard enough to crack it. They instinctively bolted away upon seeing this.

The principal, who was watching the ordeal clapped towards his employee. "Impressive work handling that situation." The teacher looks at the wall, bows to the principal, and says "Gomenasai.

You may feel free to take the results of my little outburst out of my pay.". "Nonsense.", the principal replies. "You did far more good than harm this morning. I, and the student body thank you.

That hole will be our little secret.", he winks with his tongue out, making a silly face, giving his subordinate a thumbs up.

"Arigatou, but do you really think that's professional to do?", the teacher responds. The principal's face sours, then says "Oh, hush.". He then starts to laugh, then so does the teacher.

As they rescue the figure, who is now confirmed a student, the teacher asks "Are you alright?".

The student starts to well up tears in their eyes, then jumps on the teacher, hugging him, and letting out a loud cry. The teacher hugs back "You're safe now.

", as he stood there letting the student cry on his shoulder for a good five minutes until first period rang.

For me, the first period was PE, and the lesson was basketball. The student was peering at me from behind the bleachers. I felt a chill as I missed my first shot...then my second...

then my third. (What is wrong with me today?), I thought.

Lunch, same feeling. Third period, same feeling. Come the final period, Alchemy, I wasn't feeling myself. It wasn't until the after school was officially out that I would notice.

I left the class, but forgot my pencil case, so I went back in.

As I walked up to the blackboard, completely oblivious to something under the old man's desk, I wrote down the solution to a formula that another student volunteered to do,

but had forgotten in the middle of his demonstration.

I walked away, and made a beeline for my pencil case. Suddenly, "Achoo!", went the teacher's desk, making a soft, but high pitched sneeze. "Oh, heh heh.

Must be one of those new high tech talking desks they're talking about these daysWAITAMINUTE!

" I mutter to myself then pause realizing the principal had neither the budget, nor the resources to have one of those in even his office.

(Who could it be?), I wonder, as I slowly approach the side of the desk facing away from me.

As I look down at the other side, a light blue haired girl(?) was staring up at me with an innocent expression, rubbing her nose. She was cute, super cute.

"Who are you, and why are you under there?", I ask. She then proceeds to give off a cute long squeaky yawn, then says "E-excuse me, my name is Machiro Kamamori. May I ask what yours is?".

I proceed to give her my name. "Ahaaaa!", her face widens with excitement, as she jumps up and hugs me. "I knew it was you from the time I saw you this morning!", she says.

It dawned on me: I found the culprit. "So you're the reason why I felt uneasy this whole time!", I tell her. She starts to break down in tears "GOMENASAI! GOMENASAI!", she bows profusely.

"I didn't know how to approach you at all this whole time.

You see, I'm shy and not good with others, so I-*hic* I-*hic* I-*hic*~" I pour water from the class sink into an unused beaker, knowing the teacher wouldn't have minded if he was still here,

and gave it to her. She drank the water, and said "Arigatou gozaimasu. As I was saying, I followed you to try to thank you."

"Wut." was my response.

"Do you remember scaring off some bullies about 5 years ago?"

I remembered using a stick to scare away a couple of kids that were ganging up on a frail blue boy with overalls...wait...

"You were that boy!?", I exclaimed.

"Shhhhh!" He shushes me with an angry but cute look on his face.

"Yes. Although, due to conditions, I am officially a girl when in school. Could you please keep this a secret?", he looks at me with puppy eyes.

"Why would I say no?", I respond.

He hugs me tight. "Arigatou!", he shouts, with tears in his eyes.

He then wipes away his tears, then proceeds to give me a piece of paper I had long lost. It was homework from grades past with my name on it.

I remember my mother scolding me hard that night for coming home without studying.

"Let's enjoy the school year!", he says.

"Hai. Arigatou.", I respond, as we exit the classroom.

We walk down the hallway, then he asks "Are you in a club?". I tell him about the Honorary Commitee and what we do. He then responds "You're just as nice as I remembered.". "Arigatou.

I try to do my best. This school needs the best role models it can get." He looks at me with a cheerful smile and a blush on his face as we walk out of school.

Everyone had been dismissed and went home by now, some of them even asleep in anticipation of the next day. "My house is just down the street, on the other side of the park.

", he says, as we close the school gates. "My older brothers can be quite a handful, but I hope you'll come visit sometime. I want you to see my pet rabbits!", he continues.

I respond with "Sure. See you later.". I wave at him as I walk off to my house, which happens to be in the opposite direction. He then starts to walk on, but realizes something.

He stops, and turns around. I'm already way off in the distance. "Aw...stupid. STUPID. Why didn't I give him my phone number!? I'm so stupid...", he says, as he walks home in tears.

He had not to worry, as the school year had still just begun.

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