Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 5
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Thank you for reading this story, watching the plot unfold. Starting with the next chapter, I'll include extra scenes not found on the Pastebin variant. That'll be my way of giving back to you, the audience. Thank you again for your support. ^^


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 5

A month has passed since the debate, and I'm now a member of the honorary committee. Our job is to help people in school.

Of course, Prez-senpai is the president, and Cringe-kun is the treasurer. I'm actually enjoying it a lot!

As I walked towards the school gates that morning, I remembered the incident a month ago, and noticed that I haven't seen the pink haired delinquent since that day.

(Maybe he got transferred or expelled), I thought to myself. I thought nothing of it until I entered the hallway leading to homeroom, then remembered what Saya-chan said: "I'll talk to him".

Those words echoed and rang through my head. What if she did more than that? Not even he would deserve such a cruel and unusual punishment.

As homeroom rang, and I sat down, I noticed a new girl that I never saw before was in the room, sitting in the window seat in front of the redhead's, whom was absent today.

(Probably playing hooky to go for a run, as usual.), I thought to myself.

This girl had long messy pink hair in wavy locks, was pretty short, and had a flat chest with a tiny upper frame for a high schooler.

She was writing notes with her left hand, while taking out a neatly wrapped up melon soba bread, unwrapping it, and taking a bite out of it every 15 or so seconds with her right.

She looked like Aisaka Taiga from Toradora, if she had pink hair.

The teacher walked in, and she proceeded to do roll call. As she was doing so, the new girl pulled out a couple of ribbons, and started to tie her hair up in twintails.

I got a better look at her face as she was doing this. She had beautiful...golden...eyes...

(It's just a coincidence, right? There's no way this cutie could be related to that devil haha), I thought to myself.

At the same time, I thought it was weird that the teacher didn't introduce her to the class at the start. Maybe she had her reasons.

As the new girl was done tying up her hair, I saw her adorable face look in my direction, then she gave the nastiest death pout.

(Y-yeah, just a coincidence), I continued telling myself. The teacher then went on to say "Yachimiri", followed by correctly pronouncing an unpronounceable last name I dare not try to repeat.

The new girl raises her hand, and says in a high pitched, borderline angelic voice "Hai!". Then after hearing the last syllables of her first name, it dawned on me...

(This might not be a coincidence.).

She proceeded to give me death glares every 5 minutes for the rest of homeroom. After the bell to first period rang, everyone got up, except her. I noticed that she was struggling.

A few onlookers including myself was watching her. One of them said "It's time to go!". She responds "Don't you think I know that?". She grunts and struggles to get up.

She then props her arms on the desk to give her extra pull. This goes on for a extra 10 seconds, then she repeats it while wiggling her hips to try to break free.

She only ends up popping the chair up and swinging it sideways doing this. I felt guilty, but I laughed after a couple of others did after seeing this.

She looked back at the seat stuck to her oversized rear, then tears of frustration started to well up in her eyes.

I decided that enough was enough, and asked a couple of the spectators to help me pull her out.

They obliged, and they held down her seat, while she thrashed, screaming "Hey! Watch where you're touching!", and I say to her "Please relax. We're here to help.".

She says "I did not ask for any help, especially yours!". (I wonder what she meant by that?), I think to myself.

I then proceed to bend over the desk, and hold her by the torso as the other helpers hold the chair down.

She violently starts pounding my back with her fists, kicking and screaming as I pull in the opposite direction of the others. This goes on until *POP!* we pull her out and everyone falls over.

She lands on top of me, and looks down. Pure twintails, incredibly cute face, sparkling eyes of a rare color. I then look forward at her body.

Petite upper half, and a set of hips that were thrice if not four times bigger than her upper half under her long flowing school dress.

One of the other students out the corner of my eye mouths the word "Lucky". (This couldn't be who I thought it was.), I thought to myself.

(This is not-) "BAKAAAAAA!", she screeches in a more masculine tone. I felt a swift kick to my groin. Yep. It was.

He promptly got up off of me, cleared his throat in a high pitched tone,

then proceeded to walk out of the classroom that the teacher had already exited and went on break before this mess even started.

As I lost consciousness, he stopped at the doorway, and squeaked out a soft and sweet "Arigatou.

" towards me: a direct contrast to what he just sounded and acted like a moment ago, before he exited for first period.

I wake up in the nurses office with Cringe-kun sitting next to me. "Oh, Motonoya-kun. Who carried me here?", I asked.

Cringe-kun corrects me, saying "It's Motonoya-SAN, and I did the deed myself!", he says proudly with a smirk and self-assured hands on his waist.

I laugh at his response for a minute, then ask "Who. Carried. Me. Here?" again. He replies "Come on, do I look that weak?". For our friendship, I say no (He kinda does). "GOOD.

I'm happy we got that memorized now."

"I was about to see if they had any more melon soba bread in the cafeter-I mean, do some morning rounds for the Prez when I saw you out cold in the middle of your class.

" He backpedaled WAY too late for damage control, that thief. Kind of felt like he did it on purpose. "Anyways, your fellow classmates told me how you saved a 10/10 knockout babe. Go you, huh?".

I didn't have the heart to tell him that wasn't a chick, but humanity's worst nightmare.

"This is a good opportunity to give you my contact info since we hit it off so well in the lunchroom a month ago.". Thief. "Anyways, some jackass wants me to attend his party...again...

for the umpteenth time this weekend. You should come. The Prez and I will be there. Cake and punch!" He gives me his contact info, and walks out of the nurse's office.

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